About ChicKing Fried Chicken

ChicKing is a rapidly growing fast-food chain in the region, specializing in serving the tastiest crumb fried chicken using a secret recipe which includes a unique blend of the choicest herbs and spices serving Real Recipe, Real Taste, Real Fried Chicken since the year 2000. ChicKing has grown from a single unit outlet to a conglomerate having 70+ outlets world over. And along the way, we've managed not just to create history but also live it: from starting an outlet in UAE, we have spread our wings to not just the GCC, but to different continents around the world! It has been a journey that has seen us open outlets after outlets, as we've got our hearts set on creating history.

ChicKing, established as Al Bayan Foods, a part of the highly reputable and renowned Dubai based Al Bayan Group of Companies & a registered trademark of Banquet Foods International, RAK-FZE, UAE.

ChicKing® began its journey with a simple yet determined dream – To create a brand that brings happiness, satisfaction and smiles to our valued customer's world-over. Over the years, it has successfully realized this dream by making ChicKing® a favorite destination for real and tasty fried chicken.

ChicKing – A brand that has been built with over a decade of commitment and unmatched quality continues to make tremendous strides within its sphere of business. Whether its global expansion, new menu or innovative services and outlets, the change is charismatic and the customers have been lapping it with great passion.


ChicKing having expanded its operations across different continents apart from been present across UAE, has won the hearts of people across different countries including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, Malaysia and India. It has been precisely this single minded focus of 'Quality Matching Reach' that makes ChicKing fried chicken simply irresistible and a deliciously memorable brand for different age groups across the world.

With ambitious global plans and unbeatable product range, a strong corporate backing and a robust reputation across its worldwide operations, ChicKing® is expanding in Africa, Middle East, and Asian Market. With its brand potential and growth prospective, ChicKing® is well on its way to achieving the status of best fast-food chain of restaurants!


Product innovation has been the focus of ChicKing® for the past decade and the growing connoisseurs of the ChicKing® brand greatly rely and relish what we bring to the table – literally speaking! Innovation is about staying relevant to local operating conditions and growth strategies. It's also about finding solutions for critical operational problems and anticipating needs better and faster than the competition.

ChicKing® has been the destination for food lovers to fulfill their need of Real Quality and Real Tasty family nutritious food. Our menu features a wide variety of meals including spicy and regular fried chicken, strips (boneless delight), supreme burgers like Fish Crunchy & Mexi-Crunchy, Mexican Wrap, energetic Coleslaw, and our own exclusive Chick-pop - the ultimate mouth-watering offering!

Our brand focuses on making great fried chicken and sandwiches, and our franchisees are our customers who believe in our Products, Service and Value.

Inviting Atmosphere

The primary objective kept in mind for the interiors of our restaurants is to project a healthy dining experience for families with vibrant colors and décor. We believe in maintaining an image that is fresh and energetic which is visible through our creative décor, ambience and above all is stressed by our attentive staff, which makes ChicKing a perfect family dining destination.

When you walk into our outlets you will experience a distinctive and inviting sense of aroma creating an instant emotional connection. The power of smell is truly astounding and stomach filling along with what's on the menu.

ChicKing offers the complete Dine-in Outlets experience worldwide. All restaurants have spacious sit-down dining with a carpet spread of 800-2000 sq. ft. These restaurants are located in places with a mix of local and floating population, like Shopping malls, Hypermarkets & High Street Locations. Our restaurants also have play areas for children, thus providing a complete experience full of fun, food and relaxation.

Leadership Mastery

The ChicKing leadership team brings a mix of industry experience and valuable viewpoints as they create and manage the Brands operations and expansions. The Leadership Teams entrepreneurial working style coupled with an unwavering commitment to performance and transparency set high standards for anyone coming in touch with the brand ChicKing. The team has long been respected for the way it works and tackles challenges relating to diversity, including the recruitment, retention and advancement of global expansion.

The complimentary combination of senior management with in-depth knowledge in the fast food industry with global experience is led by Founder and Managing Director, Mr. A K. Mansoor - Al Bayan Group of Companies, and country operations spearheaded by team of senior executives bringing on the table a legacy, ensuring ChicKing grows into a dominating brand.

Whether it be about finding solutions to critical operational problems and anticipating needs better and faster than anyone else, ChicKing leadership innovates with every passing day and influences brand recall with every new market it enters.

The dedication to innovation and improving operations, in order to build an even more sustainable, environmental friendly and profitable business, ChicKing leadership team ensures that everyone related to the brand gets equal importance and attention.

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